Changes for Christmas

Now that Christmas has passed, it is time to plan for my near future. 

I am visiting my sister in N.W. Arkansas. It is fun and exciting to be the main attraction for sister’s friends to enjoy. I have been welcomed with open arms as well as bright smiles. 

I am also here with my son. While he is now a child-man (definition: a child who is the size of a man), I am finding myself looking at my baby continuously. He brings so much joy to my life. Makes me laugh when ever he can. 

The change comes from the flight out of Kansas City, MO. I was supposed to fly out of Houston, but a last minute relationships status changed everything. After applying to over 70 jobs in Houston, I found myself wanting to remain in California and ditch my ever growing passion to be in Houston. 

These changes have made me yet a stronger woman who can be thrown to the wolves and come out the leader. The next year will be my best because I can only grow from the changes this Christmas made. 

Until next time,



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