Currently (winter 2016), I am enrolled in the winter Jan-term for Learning Technology for Educators. At first, I did not know that I was able to take a winter course. When I was in the Math for Educators with Dr. Perry, I was informed that he was going to be leading the course. I immediately switched my classes over. This would allow me to space out my class hours so I would not be so overwhelmed. I wanted to make sure to be proactive when it came to doing my assignments. I want to get ahead where I can, especially when it comes to my education.

So far, I am doing okay. But that was not the case a couple of days ago. Previous to this week, I mentally prepared myself for the course by researching ahead to time management. But all of my prepping was lost when I tried to log into blackboard. When I attempted to start my assignments, I was stopped to see that I was, “not enrolled in any courses at this time.” This did come as a shock to me. I checked with the registers office and sure enough, I was paid in full. I thought to myself, “how could this be.” With my ability to problem solve, I did the first thing necessary: I emailed the professor.  While the professor got back to me promptly, I still felt as though I needed to contact the Blackboard admin. I sent them the information they needed. The finally fixed the issue on Saturday, January 9th.Now that a quarter of the winter term is under way, I am back to cramming and trying to pay catch up again. I feel there is a learned lesson here for me. Whether or not I am proactive, procrastination is not too far behind.